The Himalayas Produce Some Really Strange Tales

The Himalayas Produce Some Really Strange Tales

Robert Rath has visited the Himalayas of Nepal and he heard some mighty interesting stories from the locals about demons, monsters and ghosts. Oh, my!

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That was different than usual, and a nice read. Good work Mr. Rath.

You can get rice to report on people once they've eaten it?

Nobody tell the NSA...

Perfect story for October. I have the chills!

Local legends are always strange. That's why I love them <3

Very strange tales. Shorter and thus better than a lot of Stephen King's work.

Very cool, couldn't help but imagine the story of the rice girl in the animation style of adventure time. Still really creepy!

The rice story is suuuuuuuuper creepy. As usual, thanks for a great article. Your globe trotting anecdotes are fascinating.


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