8 Ways To Celebrate The Birth of Guillermo del Toro

8 Ways To Celebrate The Birth of Guillermo del Toro

Today Guillermo del Toro turns 50, so to celebrate the birth of one of modern masters of sci-fi and fantasy we give you eight films that he's helmed. So enjoy, and if you get the chance watch one or two of his films, you shouldn't be disappointed.

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>Reminding me that we'll NEVER get a Hellboy 3.

You Monster.

The Devil's Back Bone (El Espinazo del Diablo in spanish) is the first film I ever saw from Del Toro and I saw it in theatres, it was pretty awesome.

I've seen almost all of Del Toro's films and I can honestly say that he hasn't made a "bad" film yet.

Happy birthday to one of the best directors ever. Maybe, I should celebrate by checking out Cronos. That's one I've been wanting to watch for years.

Ron Perlman has probably worked with del Toro almost as often as Johny Depp and Tim Burton. Maybe del Toro should get the reigns of the Alien franchise and fix what happened after 3 and Resurrection. Perlman's character was just about the only good thing introduced after 3.

Did anyone else get the captcha with the crab stealing a ring? I swear del Toro's tiny creatures trope is leaking out of articles about him.

And so we see the prototype for the Strain's strigoi - mouth splitting, tentacle-shooting, and very hungry. Only the version in Blade 2 isn't affected by silver, unlike the worm-in-a-humansuit in The Strain. The similarities don't stop with physical appearance. But on second thought, that'd be spoiling.

I haven't seen The Devil's Backbone yet I'll definitely check that out today. I really hope he gets to make his version of At the Mountains of Madness, the man can do no wrong in my opinion. Though I thought the Strain was on the mediocre side.


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