Dracula Vs. Frankenstein: The Lugosi/Karloff Rivalry

Dracula Vs. Frankenstein: The Lugosi/Karloff Rivalry

It's the most wonderful time of the year and to celebrate, let's look back on the two men who defined movie horror for generations.

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I bought at auction in the early 90s a piece of Boris Karloff memorabilia. Its a small round ceramic pot about 2 inches with flowers on the lid. It always amuses me that the man who played all these horror roles once owned such flowery item.

Thanks for the good article. The tale of Bela Lugosi is indeed a sad one, his fate was far worse than he, the man who defined the greatest horror movie monster of all time, deserved.

Most film histories and scholars have said there was no hard feelings between the two and they got long just fine. Karloff is reported to have said once what he thought that hurt Lugosi was his accent and he never quite fully understood the English language.


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