Books, Games and Tabletop RPGs: The Holy Trinity of R.A. Salvatore (Part 1)

Books, Games and Tabletop RPGs: The Holy Trinity of R.A. Salvatore (Part 1)

Part One of our exclusive interview with fantasy author R.A. Salvatore, delving into everything from his books and lore to the collapse of 38 Studios, the game company he co-founded.

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I'm always a little disappointed when I see a picture of Salvatore. Growing up, my copies of his books didn't have pictures of the author in them, and I always pictured a skinny Italian man with a goatee. Even now, years after I found out what he really looks like, I always forget and substitute my imaginary version of his face.

Also, does anyone know if that old Realms rule about "for every mystery you solve, you have to make up three more" still applies? It's been a long while since any of those books caught my attention, but I could always tell when Greenwood or Salvatore was shoehorning in something for the sake of future plothooks.

"Several years ago, Wizards shook things up through a world event known as the Era of Upheaval. Goddesses died, main characters perished, and armies clashed."

... I'm sure that all three people that don't just run a homebrew setting like normal people were devastated.

(If your players even notice a licensed NPC associated with your setting dying in a sponsored "buy more of our books" event then you are literally the worst DM ever. Yes, you're so bad at it that you only count as whatever sub-human fraction of a person it takes for all of you to sum up into one person.)


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