8 Games That Ensure Couch Co-Op Lives On

8 Games That Ensure Couch Co-Op Lives On

Sitting around with friends playing video games can be a wonderful experience. Today we celebrate that there are still games to play together with friends, and lament the fact that there aren't more games like this ... I'm looking at you Destiny.

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But...but...castle...but...crashers...but...what...about...but... ???

Halo Reach? Awesome co-op couch play. 4-player competitive, and you could even trick it into letting you play the campaign and firefight in 4 player. And there was the bonus that you played as your home-made Spartan in all modes.

Halo 4? Not so much. Spartan Ops was online only and firefight was MIA. At least co-op campaign was still an option...


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