The Fall of 38 Studios, and DemonWars: More From R.A. Salvatore (Part 2)

The Fall of 38 Studios, and DemonWars: More From R.A. Salvatore (Part 2)

In part two of our interview with R.A. Salvatore, the fantasy author talks about the demise of 38 Studios where he was a co-founder, the lore created for Amalur, and then about his new game DemonWars.

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Having played and beaten Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, I really liked it. The combat, stealth kills and class system were definitely stand out aspects of the game that I found to be a lot of fun. Was a long enough time investment that I enjoyed that I felt was well worth the money. I just think it's a shame that it released around the time that Skyrim came out and I think it suffered from being overshadowed by it. I'm actually rather disappointed that we only got a taste of what project Copernicus was supposed to be. If it could have incorporated similar gameplay into an mmo, I would have been hooked. I feel incredibly bad for all parties involved in 38 studios, especially Mr. Schilling. It really had great potential

I still have Amalur installed on my computer, I really enjoy many aspects of the game. That opening area when your character first steps out into the forest edge. The colors, and styling I really enjoy it. I also enjoyed the stealth aspects and getting attacks off, it felt a bit lighter and fun vs other similar combat systems that I have played.

I am really bummed as well with the whole "What could have been" vibe. Ok this is another one of those times I would like a time machine parallel universes peek to see how it would have all worked out and where things would go from there..

Maybe someone will pick up the IP and release Amalur part 2 then if things go well then *maybe* consider an MMO. heh

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Salvatore hopes the pundits pointing fingers at Reckoning will look instead to the finicky landscape of MMORPGs, and 38's inability to secure more funding. "We ran out of money. The MMO grew too big, the market kept changing, and it kept getting more expensive to bring a game to market because you had to have these features in it or nobody would play it. We just got bled dry. It wasn't Reckoning [that sunk the company]. The guys at Big Huge Games deserve nothing but applause for what they did."

Digging into this deeper would probably explain a lot why MMO's are so stale. With all the talent acquired for this project you couldn't have some confidence in backing there vision as is? Or at least to get something to market and then start adding stuff.

I think it's rather funny how the governor of Rhode Island (at least I think it's the governor) kept trying to sell the IP...but could never resist saying how much it sucked and that the game was a flop. Seriously, the guy obviously never heard of how to sell a product in his life.


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