The Arrow Team Deals with Grief Vigilante Style

The Arrow Team Deals with Grief Vigilante Style

Sara's death has the Arrow team grieving while chasing a murderous archer across Starling City.

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The premiere ended on the sudden and unexpected death of Sara Lance, a.k.a. Black Canary.

I might of course be very very wrong...

I think someone is going to be paying a visit to a lazarus pit before being brainwashed and used as a weapon against Batm I mean Arrow.

Weird. I liked the first episode quite a bit more than the second. Sure it had some cheesy moments, but giving Laurel this much screen time was painful. I find her actress to be the weakest member of the cast by quite a bit.

I really adored this episode. Oliver's moment with Diggle at the end where he says he doesn't want to die down here was really powerful.

There were a few sketchy parts of the episode, that motorcycle fight was I guess supposed to be badass, but the entire time I'm thinkin what the hell the point was. Arrow didn't even lift his bow once then he says the other guy got away. Of course he got away! You didn't even attempt to stop him! It's like when a officer is chasin someone down and as they're both runnin the cop yells "STOP POLICE!" like they expect the person they've been chasin to suddenly have an epiphany and realize you're not supposed to run from police.

I am very curious to see where they take Felicity's character though. The way its playin out makes it seem like she's leavin the team, but does that mean she's goin to just have less screen time or is she goin to be central to some side plot involvin Ray Palmer? Probably the second, but still I worry cause she's my favorite character on the show.

I'm really hoping Oliver or someone, anyone will just punch Laurel in the face. It's getting harder and harder to put up with her.

Ray Palmer seems like he's genuinely committed to making the city a better place, but if he's willing to go that far just to get someone to work for him, what else is the man Felicity calls "the creepiest form of stalker I've ever had to deal with" capable of?

Hopefully the answer to that question includes "Shrinking down to the size of an atom" sooner rather than later.


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