Escapist Podcast - Science and Tech: 024: The Genocidal Bedbug Oven Bed

024: The Genocidal Bedbug Oven Bed

In this episode of The Escapist's Science and Tech podcast, host CJ Miozzi and Escapist writers talk to an entomologist about his innovative bedbug system that he had to prove to the military, and discuss recent headlines in the world of science & technology: Greenpeace's viral video success, virtual pop star Hatsune Miku appearing on Letterman, Obama's net neutrality stance, and the possible underestimation of global warming.

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I think another big point Greenpeace was trying to get at is that Shell has a poor safety record in regards to how they handle their oil drilling practices, lots of oil spills and such. They likely feel that Shell has not been held to account for their actions and wanted to see their biggest supporter, the Lego company, drop them. So it seems it was less about reducing the consumption of petroleum, and more about that.

Hatsune Miku has been performing live for at least a couple years now, her appearance on late night TV wasn't a debut, per se (though I guess a debut to an older crowd). I've never felt compelled to see "her" live, but I have several friends who've been to anime conventions and such, and seen "her" performances, which they loved a lot. And there was the Gorillaz and Tupac holograms, not vocaloids, but holograms performing "live" all the same.


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