Trailers: Icewind Dale Survival Rules: Get Buffed

Icewind Dale Survival Rules: Get Buffed

A freezing wind howls and rolls off The Spine of the World down into Icewind Dale. How will you survive such a treacherous area of the Forgotten Realms in Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition?

In his latest lecture, Toril's longest-live first-level magician Alveus Malcanter discusses health and beauty tips. Just remember: nothing is uglier than dying.

You can learn more about Icewind Dale at the official site.

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Since when can a 1st level mage cast stoneskin? Unless they're changing spells around for the enhanced edition, which I doubt, Alveus Malcanter is is talking out of his ass.

Still a massive incline.

Now the first part is good an every thing but i prefer the second one.
I need my IWD2 enhanced edition and don't fuck with the gameplay.


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