Duels 2015 Expansion Fixes Pay-to-Win Concerns

Duels 2015 Expansion Fixes Pay-to-Win Concerns

The Duels 2015 expansion, Garruk's Revenge, has you playing as Garruk, evolving your deck as you hunt your prey across Alara.

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Cool, I had a bit of a problem with a massive step down in the power level from previous games, the premium boosters didn't help either, but the expansion looks good with tri-colour cards. I haven't played much online this time around though, but I wouldn't be surprised if aggro will be too strong because of all the tapped lands, but then again original dual lands would be way too strong.

Duels 2015: The same thing from 2012, 2013 and 2014 except you need to pay for the cards(and others as well) again.

This is great news. TBH I've been holding out on 2015 due to the whole "premium boosts" thing and I'm overjoyed that they're getting rid of it. The fact that the expansion comes out on my B-day is just icing on the cake. :)


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