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Jimothy Sterling:

Personally, I'd say that keeping work out of the hands of abysmal US anime-circuit voice actors is actually the definition of having care for your presentation.

Warriors games typically pull from strong stock. Yuri Lowenthal and Liam O'Brien are cast regulars, and are some of the best US actors in the business. It's a long time since we had "Feel the power of my maaaagiiiiiic."

Though personally, I miss those days. :-)

Witness the MIRRRAACLE!


whoa that sounds awesome! Does the VTA version have them all too?

Yes it does.

I heard the framerate was horrible and that a patch was coming, did it ever come out?

Haven't played it myself, but from what I've gathered the framerate is alright while the pop-in is bad.

Im interested, I loved the second Samurai Warriors, adored the 5th Dynasty Warriors game and enjoyed my time in Orochi. Ill check it out when my GF gets a PS4!

Japanese voiceovers are fine by me. English are fine too, but it doesn't take anything away imo.

Not so much "better" or "the same" as "I can't tell if it sucks or not since I don't speak Japanese and thus have no frame of reference". That said, the English voiceovers for the newer Warriors series games are miles and miles better than they were for original SW or DW 3/4/5.

3 and 4, at least were funny as fuck. 5, on the other hand was the only Warriors game I can honestly say I disliked and the VA work was part of it. Sup, Cow Pee?

Hope to God there's a PC port, because I really don't want to buy a current-gen console.

Orochi was ported too.

That was y bad. I got lazy and checked Steam. Apparently, there are WO PC games, just not on Steam.

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