Hyper Light Drifter Preview - Neon Retro Hack and Slash

Hyper Light Drifter Preview - Neon Retro Hack and Slash

This colorful action-RPG has the potential to be a nice throwback to the 2D classics of yore.

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Never get tired of that trailer

Not really any new info though

That trailer still gives me goosebumps.

Great googly moogly, I want this game so damned much. The drifter looks so awesome.

Interested in this game ever since I saw it on TB's podcast, and glad to see it will be releasing next year ( What a successful kickstarter this had). I love the aesthetics and the soundtrack, and yeah that trailer is just....I hope the gameplay is just as good.

Just have to say though...it's releasing for the Ouya? Colour me surprised.


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