Gotham Explores Bullock's Past

Gotham Explores Bullock's Past

The "Spirit of the Goat" reminds Bullock of the cop he used to be.

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I actually really liked this episode. Definitely felt like the best of the series thus far. To borrow from zoolander a little, It's clear that Erin Richards (Barbara Kean) was chose as a model/actress and not the other way around. I think this is by far the most lazy character on TV; and the woman playing Montoya, I can't even tell if she's just that bad, or if everything she does is dragged down by the fact that everyone around her is a we blanket. I would be completely OK if they fired both of them and recast them with literally no explanation.

Everyone else is pretty engaging and putting a refreshing level of effort into what they're doing.

Next week will make or break the show. If they can live up to promise and actually do something "oh shit" then I'll keep watching, if it falls flat like every other episode, I'm done.


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