PAX Aus 2014 Day 1: Sailor Men of The World Unite!

PAX Aus 2014 Day 1: Sailor Men of The World Unite!

Cross-dressers, blue body paint, and as usual, League of Legends dominates day 1 of PAX Aus 2014.

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Just a heads up:

You misspelled Shyvana.

Just didn't want people to be up in arms about it. Decent cosplay gallery though. Lots of League stuff.
The Ahri was pretty darn good too

AUGH! My eyes! My eyes! AHHHH!

Those Sailor Men make me very happy.

Also, I think that's supposed to be Malzahar, not purple caster minion. I mean, mind you, getting confused with the strongest unit in the game as opposed to one of the weakest champs in the game isn't all that bad :P.

Sailor Men... beautiful. Just beautiful. Now I need to go wash my eyes with bleach. lol.

The yellow "Medieval Warrior" is clearly Ser Gregor Clegane, the Mountain that Rides. I suppose having a horsehead trophy is preferable to other possibilities....

Not sure about his partner, though.

From Game of Thrones, fyi.

Page 8, I'm pretty sure that's Malzahar, not a purple caster minion.


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