PAX Aus 2014 Day 2: Mass Effect Mayhem

PAX Aus 2014 Day 2: Mass Effect Mayhem

Some amazingly detailed Mass Effect cosplayers were the spotlight of PAX Aus day 2.

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Wow, that Jack one was freaking awesome. Pretty cool Pyro and Sniper, too.


Definitely agree on the Handsome Jack one, coolest cosplay I've seen in quite a while.

The Sniper's expression was uncanny in its resemblance

That ODST cosplay looks a lot like Romeo to me. Just in case anyone wants to get specific. I worry that vast stretches of Halo gameplay are becoming obscure, and everyone just assumes all the characters are either Master Chief or Cortana.

Also, great gallery. I always like to see some good cosplay, makes me hope one day I have enough time to learn how to make my own.

These are nice, but the Asari one is squarely in the uncanny valley. Gives me the shakes. Brrr.

That's not Solid Snake, it's Big Boss.


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