Miracle of Sound: Messing with the Best (Bayonetta 2 Music Video)

Messing with the Best (Bayonetta 2 Music Video)

Don't you know you're messing with the best now?

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This one really caught the feeling of the game.
And I'm enjoying the game a lot! Keep going Gav!
Very good.
And for once, a game I have played :D

I can't not (yeah, double negative, whatever) love a song with the phrase "Hairway To Heaven" in it :D

So yeah, great as per usual.

Glorious. It is catchy, positive and kind of glamourous. Overall, great.

If WiiU will ever be sold where I live I'll give Bayonetta 2 a try. I liked first part, so I think I'll enjoy this one too

This song really makes me want to buy a WiiU just to play Bayonetta 2.

Couldn't help but think of "Fame!" at certain parts of the song.

Good stuff as always, Gav. :D

You sir are awesome, your ability to capture the vibe or feel of a game makes me wish so hard that your music was in the actual games.

Also I would love to see a version of sung by a woman (preferably the one who sung "tomorrow is mine").

Edit: to the dude above me: yeah man I own a wii u and I wish the game was multiplat, more people should be able to experience the awesomeness thats bayonetta2.

Groovy tunes, Gav! Well done. And now I want to play Bayonetta.

This song makes me smile :)

Man, I've been getting mixed eelings about this song.

It's... odd, but I keep wanting to listen to it. To make sense of it I guess.

So, ambivalent is the best way I can describe it. Maybe I like more powerful stuff, instead of this measured tone. At least that's the best way I can put it.

Great song, awesome as always! (And the game looks pretty damn good too...)

Damn the catchiness of this song! The chorus is going to be in my head all night.

Now I can't help but think how it would sound with a woman singing it. But , good work anyways.

This was a catchy song! I chuckled at the Hairway to Heaven bit. :)

I think I'm gonna grab a PS3 copy of Bayonetta when I can. I never played it back in the day, and now that the sequel is out all I hear is how awesome it is.

This song really makes me want to buy a WiiU just to play Bayonetta 2.

Right there with you! Still haven't finished #1 on Xbox 360, though.


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