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023: This Podcast Lives Life One Quarter Mile At A Time

The official trailer for Furious 7, the seventh film in the (hopefully) never-ending Fast and Furious series, finally dropped on Saturday. And to celebrate, Bob and Ross are joined by special guest Fast and Furious fanatic Phil Owen for a lengthy as hell discussion of the entire series. Are you hongry? YOU HONGRY? Good, because this thing is huge. Prepare for a film by film break down, a lament for the death of Paul Walker, and lots and lots of shockingly deep discussion of a series that somehow went from exploitative car culture shlock to full on superhero/spy films while only getting more awesome.

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Camera problems, right... ;)

So does this mean we won't behaving a podcast dedicated to Movie Bob fanboying over marvel's line up announcement?..... I was looking forward to that. Still I never get tired of listening to people talking about the Fast and The Furious.

Hey, I can talk over 5 minutes of sports. In fact I have been making the video game podcast talk baseball.

I love how Bob gets to hate on the majority of these movies and Ross' reaction is "I strongly disagree". If only other discussions online could be this civil.

loved this, really fun podcast guys


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