Beyond the Supernatural Was Some of Best Pulp Horror Gaming Ever

Beyond the Supernatural Was Some of Best Pulp Horror Gaming Ever

True, this is a horror game, but there's none of that Secrets Man Was Not Meant To Know crap here. Those heavily armed heroes facing off against Big Hairy know better. 'Dark Secrets? EAT LEAD!'

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I remember this game and loved it so much. I'm sorry that I lost the books during a move at one point, because every so often I get the desire to run it again. The Palladium system was always a bit clunky, but not so bad as Call of Cthulhu was. And it was certainly flexible... Besides that, sometimes you just want to shoot a demon in the face. :)

one thing i always liked about the palladium games were the simple fact they could be as over the top as you want, yes you can kick open the door guns blazing but it works equally well for mystery type investigation games.

hell if you have other palladium games add them in.. mutant animals ala TMNT with superpowers and magic, detailed martial arts while piloting robotech mechs fighting demons from the darkest dimensions.. go for it :)

I've been banging on about Beyond the Supernatural for years. I've been a fan of Palladium's games and system since my parents bought me the Robotech roleplaying game when I fell in love with the anime. Rifts is by far my favorite amalgamation RPG I've ever tried. GLad to see an article about BtS. That game can't get enough love.

Beyond the Supernatural was one of the best Modern Occult games I've every played. The Palladium system always needs tweaks unfortunately but I've always loved the amount of skills those games had.

And honestly Rifts as well is a game that... if you have the Ultimate Edition of the main rules it fixes alot of it's problems and creates a great setting where you can literally do anything (though you have to keep it grounded so it doesn't fall to parody.)


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