Review: Skate 2

Review: Skate 2

Bigger but not always better, Skate 2 nevertheless continues to intrigue.

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i just got Skate 1, and its hard, but a good game nevertheless.
i cant wait to finish it so i can get Skate 2.

Nice Review. this has heavily influenced my opinion to actually buy Skate 2.


Great review - I share your thoughts on the game.

The reason I was drawn into the Skate franchise - other than being a boarder - was that it's such a grass roots game, it felt true to boarding, just like you said.

Instantly, Skate 2 felt different, but it wasn't a bad different. I still enjoy playing the newest incarnation of this game. It's still about the skating, with mostly realistic challenges.

Good review. I still don't think I'll buy this soon, though.

Great review and great history lesson. I remember Video Days, but I totally forgot about Questionable. I always like The Reason and Modus Operandi. Anything with Marc Johnson or Mark Gonzales.

With skate., I never actually finished the game, instead opting to roll around the city endlessly while tricking off of whatever caught my eye. While I like the expanded trick repertoire and the ability to get off my board, I do miss the greater degree of character customization and the ability to choose a style for my skater. It may have seemed subtle, but to me, having several style options made sure that not everyone skated exactly the same. Being able to make yourself in the game and give your avatar a similar style was important to my enjoyment of skate. I also feel like the new look of skate 2 uses too smooth a framerate and too few camera effects, which is somehow distracting. I can't quite explain it, but sometimes aesthetics matter.

skate kills any tony hawk game ever made!!!

It's too bad had skate 2 had to lose some of that "natural" feel of the first game.

Oh, and is Susan Arendt the go-to person for video supplement voice-overs? I mean, Tom Endo is the one who reviewed the game, right?

I love Susan's voice in her video reviews. It's hypnotic in a strange way...

The ending was epic :)

The ending was epic :)

of the video? or the review?


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