Escape to the Movies: Big Hero 6 - Meet Disney's Animated Avengers

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It's always nice to hear analysis of why something is good and the bits where it stumbles, but really, I was pretty much sold by the tagline "Disney's Animated Avengers".

How is it that some people outgrow this stuff, anyway? I still squee and clap my hands at fun kid movies, 15+ years after my purported childhood!

My diagnosis? Puberty!

For most kids, myself included, when you reach your teenage years, you don't want to be seen as "childish" by your peers, so you'll dump all that kid stuff like a brick to be cool. "Pokemon, Disney? Ptsh that stuffs for kids!"

But then when you're an adult? Hey, this stuff is really fun, screw it, I'm off to unashemedly go see Frozen at the cinema, shed a tear at the Lego Movie, play Pokeymans in public, chill out watching Adventure Time and whatever else takes my fancy.

OT: This is actually the first I've heard of this movie, but it looks gorgeous and seeing Baymax just makes me feel happy, I love the way they've animated him. Especially when it's petting the hairy baby ^^. I worry that when it does evenutally come out here though, it's going to be a Finnish dub as opposed to subbed. Which is understandable, but I don't want to wait til the DVD comes out.

The film seems fun, but I'd disagree that what children want is longer stories. Most kids are pretty dumb and get squirmy at around the one hour mark, in my experience, so it seems that putting more good, smart stuff into around 80-90 minutes is the way to go. Young adults, on the other hand, or teens, really ought to be given longer, more challenging narratives. The drivel they're being fed these days is rot.

I varies, sometimes from person to person, and sometimes with ages. As a kid, here had been movies where I wanted to get to the action already, and movies where I dreaded the inevitable end.

Finally saw this movie last night and I totally agree with Bob's review. My only criticism is that you don't get to spend as much time with Wasabi, Honey-Lemon, et al, as you would like. They are totally believable and interesting in their own right and don't just seem like "hangers on".

Also, Baymax is just adorable and impossible not to love (and I say that as a 38 year old man).

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