The Walking Dead "Self Help": Party In The Back

The Walking Dead "Self Help": Party In The Back

We finally get the backstory of Abraham Ford, as well as the extremely telegraphed reveal that [SPOILER REDACTED] is nothing at all like what he claims. Spoilers ho!

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I think I agree on all points, except they took the porter character waaaaaaaaaaaaaay over the top. Hes a turd in the comics but in the show he's a cartoon. He even has this weird stupid walk and gestures that makes him seem autistic and this "I know things" what things? wtf has he done for anyyyyyyone? and oh gawd his origin scene where hes doing this weird dance away from the zombies? why is he not being played by danny mcbride? I could not stop laughing it was sooooo bad.

I need to go back and read the series(5th time now?) but I recall him being a school teacher or some shit. He had legitimate use and knowledge that backed up him being a scientist. He was a coward but he was never this dumb. I remember his shit getting questioned once like "ok if hes so smart why does that scientist rock a mullet?", but I dont recall them dedicating so much time to it and his stupidity.

Sometimes in adaptations they take some piece and exaggerate it a bit but this show seems obsessed with making caricatures of personalities and plots from the comic. they take it so over the top its painful to watch how disaffected the show is with the material. God forbid they ever get to the Kingdom storyline.

I could be wrong, but that looked like a stockyard not just a regular old farm. I imagine the zombies could have initially been attracted there by all the cows to munch on.

As much as I don't care for the DC-destined group, this was a pretty good episode. We got to see some sweet man ass and hopefully the group's IQs will recover a bit now that the plot doesn't demand that they believe there is a cure.

Such a stupid episode to me. G.I GINGER has never been a guy a give a shit about. And his back story is sooo stupid also. I mean so fucking STUPID are im assumin his wife n kids to get scared of daddy for pretecting them then run away while he is sleeping.......the fuck ?! Then the part where mullet man is doing that weird walk he could have clearly out walked those zombies. I know he just lost his kids n wife or wot ever but to buy into "I HAVE A MISSION" just like that. Wondering WHY the hell ppl have followed him for this long. You can clearly see zombies zombies everywhere. And he still thinks they can get thru that coz....."we have to" the fuck ?! They do not need to keep doing these eps that focus on a single person or 1 of the groups.

"(She inaccurately insists that he saved her life.) "

That's actually accurate, because she has her back fully turned and just as the zombie from behind tries to bite her, he stabs it in the neck, thus halting it's movement long enough for her to finish it.

Also I don't know why you are so harsh about Porter being so totally not a scientist being obvious.
The show continuously SHOWED us clues, but they where so frequent and -especially- over the top I was wondering if it all turned out to be an elaborate deception for a big plot twist.

You didn't mention he probably climbed up on the fire truck the instant it was decided they'd take it... Safest place and being cowardly and all... and no way he'd otherwise be able to save everyone in the nick of time.


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