Star Wars: Rebels - Happy Empire Day, Rebel Scum

Star Wars: Rebels - Happy Empire Day, Rebel Scum

"Empire Day" raises the stakes and puts the crew of the Ghost into real peril.

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I thought what was cool in the episode was the "celebration" version of the Empire theme, yeah what a holiday that you are force to celebrate it.
Honestly I thought the part when they get onto the Ghost on top of the transported, that Rodian was going to be killed off and what is it they alway bringing back that counsel woman, sure I get that officier is suppose to hunt them them and the Inquisitor is a recurring villain but what is her role?

I liked the fact that the Agent, after checking the Rodian, said, "Enjoy Empire Day, citizen," in a way that wasn't threatening at all. It was very casual and whatnot. At least it was to me. It seemed weird, but I liked it.
Loved the Inquisitor's flight suit. Just loved it.

I was a little confused as to why TIE pilots were carrying Stormtrooper blasters. I would think they would have hand blasters, more in line with Han's.

Anyway, a fun episode. Looking forward to seeing how Ezra bests the Inquisitor next week. Should be fun.

Ah, my favorite animated terrorist show! I agree that it's definitely gone in a good direction. Heck, I can almost stomach Ezra at this point...

Also, it's nice to have a "main" Star Wars entry that doesn't focus on force users as much. Sure, they are around, but it's not made into that big of a deal a lot of the time. I like me some lightsabers and force-choke-a-bitch as much as the next guy, but downplaying that aspect of the universe is nice. Makes the whole thing more memorable when it does happen - when Kanan assembles his lightsaber, you know shit's about to get real!

I liked that the teaser for this episode was filled with slapstick humor, presenting the rhodian as some sort of hapless idiot like Jar Jar Binx.

What we got was quite a lot more in depth and a far more tragic character.

Which makes me think the teaser guys were stupid. Did they honestly think trying to fool people into thinking the guy was Jar Jar Binx level retarded would get more views than just teasing straight?


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