Trailers: Game of Thrones Episode 1 - Iron from Ice Teaser

Game of Thrones Episode 1 - Iron from Ice Teaser

Decide the fate of House Forrester in the hostile lands of Westeros.

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Now this looks interesting. I have to admit, I loved Season One of The Walking Dead by Telltale, but I wondered whether I might have enjoyed it more if I liked the source material to a greater degree (I gave up on the show after the second season). But A Song of Ice and Fire is something I never get tired of - hopefully this works out.

I had guessed that the story would be followed House Forrester, but I hadn't expected it to be set exactly when the show takes place, or that it would also involve the Lannister characters in the South - perhaps the story jumps between two or more different characters? One Forrester still in the North, fighting off the ironborn, and another who was captured and is being held prisoner in King's Landing, maybe? Well only time will tell, but from the quote they used in the teaser released earlier in the year, I was really hoping that the story would follow the Northern houses allied with Stannis during his march south.

Really, I don't need any excuse to get excited about seeing more Stannis the Mannis.

I couldn't remember House Forrester from the books, but the Wiki says they're sworn to House Glover.

Does that mean that rather impressive-looking keep near the beginning is Deepwood Motte? It looks nestled in snowy foresty land, which would fit.


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