Super BioWare RPG: Origins: Awakening II: Turbo Edition

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How about playing for 25 hours and realizing you hate playing as a rogue? I'm crying inside.

This on the other hand is a problem that will plague me till the day I die.

Yeah, I'm on my fourth character now. First one was a female qunari mage that I tried to touch up with a bit of makeup. Looked sensible and pretty decent in the creation phase...then you get to the game and holy shit it looks like Bozo the Clown wearing radioactive glowing makeup! o.o

Restart, try that again! This time I'll turn down the intensity, see if I can't make it look a little more reasonable.

Screw it! I'm going with an elf! Still looks a bit much, but it's at least passable. Hey now...what's all this Queen Anora bullshit? *sigh*.....

Ok! Now I've got my Dragon Age Keep world set-up and a female qunari mage that DOESN'T look like a meth head prostitute! Ready to play!..............just in time for family to get in town for the holidays, sucking up all my gaming time. Fucking beautiful...

I must admit it's so true. I've played through the prologue three damn times in a single day because of that.... EVERY game with character creation should let you edit your protagonist for the whole first hour of gameplay, or you'll end up memorizing all of the first dialogues.

Honestly, with Mass Effect and Elder Scrolls games, I have quite a bit of trouble getting them to look decent in the character creator too. But yeah, once I start the game it tends to get worse.

Seriously. This happens every damn time. Why can't they just put multiple lighting settings to toggle through. Of course, you also don't get anything to compare skin tone against. I thought it looked good in character select, but then standing next to the NPCs, my guy looked like he just got a bad spray-on tan.

Precisely why I just pick the default appearance for whichever race I choose.

Panel 1: "...Whoa...Who let an alien hunkster in here, huh?"
Panel 2: "Hey, look! It's Shrek!"
Panel 3: "Yeah, that's a completely rational response. Redo!"

On a related note, I'm playing the original Mount & Blade and I accidentally made my guy look a little too much like Kevin Costner...Not sure how I should feel about that, but at least he's killing people well enough.

I actually got pretty lucky when it came to this in Bioware RPGs. Only had to remake my Sheps a couple of times. Made my first Inquisitor in 2 tries (the makeup was a bit too much the first time. Too much blush).

Maybe I got good at it, or I'm just not as picky. xD

Funny comic today. :D

Bethesda Games and Bioware too. It was okay in Fallout 3 cause there were no cut scenes and no awkwardness. Skyrim stupid a cause to change his look, you had to get a DLC :-/. Mass Effect 1 and 2 was fine but Mass Effect 3 took too long and too many attempts. Why? Cause the character kept doing weird things with her eyes and face that I didn't think my created character would do but hey bioware just messed that up.

Ohhhh yes. This is a process I am familiar with.

You know that opening sequence in the first Mass Effect? The one where Shepard walks to the cockpit of the Normandy, then stops and the camera does a pan around to her face. Yeah. I have had to watch that many, many times.

"Please look decent, please look decent, please look decent... here we go... aaaaaaand ARRRGHHH, THE CHEEKBONES! WHY?! RESTART!"

Definitely also had this issue, except I ran with it anyways and got pretty attached to my ugly characters.

Yup. Every character I make in Skyrim needs tweaks after chracter creation. It's usually the mouth area. Thank the nine for console commands.

I tend to take any additional ugly in stride. If the character ends up with a silly, vacant sort of look I usually just roleplay that in.

I usually play the more alien races, though. A slightly wonky Khajiit is slightly less obviously ugly than a wonky man, I suppose. Oh, and the Dunmer! I love Dunmer. No matter what you do, they look like such grumpy motherfuckers.

(But then again, I think the vanilla Elves in Skyrim looked fine, even rather beautiful, some of them. My standards are probably not the best)


And seeing as I suck at making characters anyway I just pick a preset and make slight tweaks here and there. Mostly just the hair, make up and eyes but its usually enough to make them unique.

Although I did restart my dalish elf in origins after 6 hours because he was too white. I thought I could deal with it but it just kept bugging me. A guy who has lived and hunted in the forest his entire life should have a bit of a tan dammit!

My general rule is to set the skin tone 2 tones darker than looks good in character creation or else they look like a vampire.

Fallout 3's character creation screen was terrible for this. My first character was an attempt to recreate myself; what I actually got... well. Imagine if a young DeForest Kelley had gone without food for two weeks.

You could've sharpened knives on his cheekbones is what I'm saying.

So yeah, now he wears his sunglasses in space.

So he can, so he can watch me weave then breathe my story lines?

This gets super frustrating in Star Wars The Old Republic MMO because editing anything about your character face is locked behind the paywall, so if you're not completely happy with the character... tough.

I made a young trooper, thin and inexperienced with ginger hair (as all my RPG characters have) and when I exited and started playing instantly realised his updo and facial style made him look like Jimmy Neutron. It didn't help that I'd made him as thin as possible, and this also had the effect of warping the "armour" to such an extreme that it looked like it was bodypaint. (and also gave him a triangular chest that would have made Lara Croft blush)

In Mass Effect 1, I gave a black guy ginger hair... like, I don't even know how I did it! I certainly didn't mean to, but it happened!

Well my Shep was also a black skinned redhead... except I did it on purpose, for the very prosaic reason that mixing bright red hairs with dark skin was the best way I had found to make sure my game protagonists did not look like the clone of an NPC. A method I should have used more often since I just discovered that my more conservatively drawn Origins' Warden is the spitting image of Fiona: I managed to gave Alistair a massive Oedipus complex, and I didn't even do it on purpose.




You young ones are on the right path
Back in those days when dinosaurs just went extinct there was this game called TES3:Morrowind
I learned everything one need to know about character creation from it
Follow this path, it is the righteous one.

How about playing for 25 hours and realizing you hate playing as a rogue? I'm crying inside.

I know them feels. Thought playing as a two-handed warrior would be fun but instead it's just really slow going. 26 hours in though and I really don't want to restart.

yes yes this 1000 times yes.
Don't know why they don't just add some sort of 'change lighting' feature to character creation.

Seriously. I've had to remake characters so many times in Bethesda and Bioware games. As soon as the opening cutscenes are over, it's straight to a wall where I can rotate the camera to get a good close-up of my character in-game. For me it's always the skin colour, the makeup and the nose that never works.

Fallout 3's creation screen was the worst, but at least there was the final "are you sure you like your character" screen before leaving the vault and a plastic surgeon you could go to at any time during the game. In Skyrim it was "oh no, I'll be beheaded soon, oh look I'm saved, oh no run for your lives" for a good 15 minutes before they finally let you go in third-person. The absolute gall making you wait that long.

This is a process I know well .... to well .... *goes of to have a cry*

I thought this was a wow joke, given their latest expansion.

They look so bad now...

Yes, that was Oblivion, in spades. I only ever managed to get around it by modding the races so far beyond lore-friendly that I knew they'd look decent whatever the settings.

In Oblivion every race was a mutant breed of potato-people. There was just no way to NOT go wrong.

Though, to be fair, it took Bethesda to make Fallout for them to finally have people-looking... people. And mutants. The Super mutants of Fallout 3 are prettier and more human-like than the prettiest character model in Oblivion or any other Elder Scrolls prior. And in Skyrim the elves finally looked like a gaunt elegant race, instead of "OH GOD WHY! THE HORROR!"

I may have done this a bunch of times going from female human (OH GOD WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER FOREHEAD) to male Qunari (why can't I choose hair with the horns? Those horns look cool, that hair looks cool I WANT TO COMBINE THEM ARGH) to male dwarf (why isn't there a scottish voice actor? This isn't working!) back to female human again. That poor Chantry building has exploded so many times on my screen...

I tried to make her look asian, she does more or less...or at least part asian but anyway I'm too far gone to start over

and I actually don't mind that my PC doesn't look overly "conventionally" attractive, it would have been easy I think to just make her "normal" looking but I'm glad she looks a little different... I just put it down to role playing that her parents were dissapointed she never got married


I am really glad that they didn't plaster the main character's face on the box art this time though. My problem with Dragon Age 2 and the Mass Effect series is they show the default character in all of the trailers and on the box art, and it just gets a little weird when you make your own character as the voice doesn't seem to fit. I have never made a custom male Shepard in Mass Effect, or a custom male Hawke in Dragon Age 2. Ah, the beauty of Origins and Inquisition.

with Dragon Age 2 it was very obvious they were trying to ride mass effects lightning, which is probably part of the reason people didn't like that game (among other things) I mean I don't like that Mass Effect did that either [1] but at least that was ME's thing from the start

I'm glad DA:I is being its own thing

although I do find it weird in the opening cutscene the default hero slow wakes up...looks at the camera and THEN its customize time...I mean why not do that before they wake up?

[1] untill they added default female shepard and then it was more "Oh good, she looks half decent and I don't have to bother",which alienates the custom faces even more though

This is why I go with default characters. So much less hassle. Plus I'm just shit at character customization in the first place. ( I am disappoint by the lack of beards on dwarf ladies though. WHEN IS SOMEONE GONNA MAKE THAT A THING!?)

They isn't an option for female dwarves to have those uber braided lumberjack beards, but in Inquisition there's a surprisingly large selection of scruff to choose from; I was pretty surprised in a good way. Didn't bother giving my female dwarf any scruff, though. I probably should have, though; she would have looked less of a child in that case.

I mean, the dwarves in DA:I look more of children or halflings rather than the stout dwarves from the previous games. It's kind of annoying, really. I wanted to play as a rough-tough, castless, lyrium smuggling female dwarf. Instead, my character just looks like an 10 year old brat since there's really no deformity or density to the figure of female dwarves.

Dark souls 2 was probably the only game that the opposite happened, i meddled with the face for 20 minutes or so and made it look as presentable as i could, still looked pretty bad, then i said screw it and started the game, it was the best looking character i ever created. Then i failed to jump over a cliff multiple times and looked like a fucking zombie for most of the game.

hm seems a lot of people are having trouble with this. maybe i just got lucky.


I had the exact opposite reaction. No matter what I did, I ended up disliking it. So I just said fuck it and started the game. Turns out my character was beautiful. Must be something about the fade.

The worst problem I've had so far is that the "black" hair is more like dark silver than proper black. I've tried making numerous black characters but every time they show up on screen my eye twitches cause the hair is lighter than their skin tone.

YES!!!, this happened to me in FFXIV recently, although at least that game has the decency of letting you choose a real time location with real lighting to see how your character would truly look in real circumstances.

I also ended up with a weird appearance for my character on FFXIV, but mercifully it only gave her some slightly puffy looking cheeks. Not a terrible outcome, but I find it looks slightly funny, in a kinda cute way.

Mercifully... She looks much better so long as she is wearing some eyewear. So I basically gave her oval glasses, and now she looks cooler.

I went with a default character and changed just a couple of features like hair style/colour/eyes and rolled with that.

Here is my Inquisitor. A female elf mage. I think she looks pretty good.

When you start messing with the cheekbone sliders and jaw just turns out so bad!

hm seems a lot of people are having trouble with this. maybe i just got lucky.


Wow, she looks pretty awesome. Good job there :D
As for me, cheeckbones are the bane of my existence. I always manage to make cheecks be either too full, making my character look like a sentient potato, or too shallow. Also too a smaller degree, i can't seem to get lips or eyebrows to look great for me, but after i created so many potato ppl that is just a small annoyance.

I finally got my guy right after a whole afternoon that I originally planned on playing the dam game. In a couple of light settings, it makes his lips look bigger than they really are. I don't think that can be helped at all.

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