Horror on the Orient Express Comes Alive Again With Reprint

Horror on the Orient Express Comes Alive Again With Reprint

After a massively successful Kickstarter campaign, Chaosium re-releases Horror on the Orient Express for 7th Edition Call of Cthulhu. Adam takes a closer look at the reprint and new scenarios.

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This is one of those things that I keep hoping to see, but am wary of putting money down for up front. I'm not usually a fan of box sets, but you make all the stuff sound so good that I might pick it up when it eventually gets to my FLGS.

I really dont get why people have hate for 7th ed. I can only assume the people that hate 7th ed are the same people who prefer bands to release identical songs album after album!

Very tempted to buy this however I'm worried that Ill buy it and then never get a chance to actually run it, the back log I've built up in the "Stuff I want to run" tray is insane.

I should really stop collecting RPG books and actually get around to playing the ones I already own. But I am a sucker for them, and will probably get this just to read and smell the pages. *sigh*

Well, this review, the Horror of the Orient Express in itself (I haven't gotten it, but will as soon as it is available) convinced me to run a game of CoC using the 7th Edition Quick Start rules. We'll have the first session this coming Wednesday and I'll be running The Haunting. Really looking forward to it! Too bad the print copy of the new edition won't be out in stores in a while, because I will have to get that as well. :)


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