Escapist Podcast - Movies and TV: 025: How Marvel's Agents Of Shield Got Good

025: How Marvel's Agents Of Shield Got Good

Bob and Ross had some scheduling and technical difficulties this week, and it prevented them from getting the podcast to you on Monday per usual. So to make up for it, they've put together this bonus pre-Thanksgiving podcast. This week, they talk one thing and one thing only: How and why did Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. improve so much? Prepare yourself for a deep dive into the show's uneven trajectory, the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe, and where they think things may be going. Enjoy the nerding!

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About the mentioned episode "the Well" - to a native Norwegian it was painfully obvious that the "Norwegian" landscape in fact was located on the western shores of the US. That was quite obviously not a sub -arctic forest. I loved, on the other hand, the mistranslated name of the national park; "Trillemarka" would mean something like rolling hills or rolling landscape - sadly it means literally, physically rolling like a wheel. In my headcanon it is the home of tumbling peat, as that is another possible translation.
Still, it doesn't beat Dr Who's Dårligulvstranden (attempt at Bad Wolf Bay) - "Low-quality Wolf Beach" or "Crappy Wolf Cove)


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