Escapist Podcast: 164: Getting Back Into MMOs with Warlord of Draenor

164: Getting Back Into MMOs with Warlord of Draenor

This week, we discuss getting sucked back into World of Warcraft with its latest expansion.

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I love the size of Greg's coffee cup.

On the subject of finding modern and sci-fi games lacking in major ancient civilizations and magical artifacts and the like, have you ever considered Shadowrun? It's got ancient magical ruins that predate human civilization, artifacts, albeit fewer, but with more pronounced effects. You won't find a +1 Magic Broadsword for instance, but finding something more on the level of Frostmourne or the like would make more sense. Excalibur, for instance. Just a thought.

I used to play that trucking game. I think about it a lot, now what I work for a truck leasing company.

Then that lemonade stand, I playing that one once or twice.

I took a typing class in mddle school. I've never played the lemonade stand game though. We just had Oregon Trail.

Im craving. whens the next episode, i need my fix of insightful insider gossip and analysis.
we use'ed to have Acorns at my school, BBC's educational computer. they ran some pretty crapy/wonderful point and click games when the teachers weren't looking.


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