Escapist Podcast - Tabletop: 021: Intro on Commander

021: Intro on Commander

The Escapist Staff shares some thoughts on Commander.

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One thing I did with the Green commander 2014 deck was build around Titania, Protector of Argoth. It is stupid fun, sacrificing lands for tokens is a blast and there is so much synergy that most of the time I can make 4 5/3 elementals, 8 squirrels, and get most of the lands back with minimum loss. The deck tends to draw a lot of aggro early on, but you can win with very few creatures in multiplayer. Also the deck can recover from board wipes very easily when compared to say Prosh or other token decks. One game I recovered from Ashling the Pilgrim wiping the board four times, then swung out when everyone was down and my four elementals got overrun and overwhelming stampede pumps in the same turn. Titania is loads of fun and I highly recommend it (there's a fog with buyback of sac a land, so much value).


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