Escapist Podcast - Science and Tech: 030: Marla Talks Explosions and Chemical Engineering

030: Marla Talks Explosions and Chemical Engineering

In this episode of The Escapist's Science and Tech podcast, host CJ Miozzi and Escapist writers discuss recent headlines in the world of science and technology, as well as what chemical engineering entails.

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From what I've learned about from professors and textbooks, chemical engineers in the US also have EiT (engineer in training) after you graduate and pass your FE (fundamentals of engineering) exam. Then, after at least four years work experience, you are eligible to take the PE (practicing engineer) exam in your field before you can call yourself a licensed practicing engineer.

Even if Microsoft update DX12 into Windows 7, I don't think its going to be that big of a deal, for it took ages for DX11 to be a mandatory piece of software for anything out there, for if you want the benefits of a newer version of DX you are going to need a new piece of hardware for it anyway and currently the only video cards that I know of that support it is the 900 series from nVidia. It might change in a few years, but by that time I think people will be in need of a new computer anyway.

With the comments Mark Cuban made, it seems to be less about Net Neutrality, but more about how the government works in general. I will admit that as an outsider I don't know much about American law, but I thought the current push to treat the internet as an utility wouldn't really be a new regulation or law, but just a reclassification of what it is.


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