Name That Not A Christmas Movie Movie

Name That Not A Christmas Movie Movie

Test your knowledge of movies set during Christmas that aren't actually about Christmas, or you can have a lump of coal.

Take the quiz!

And how many of these are in fact Shane Black movies?

Double post, sorry[1] - edited to remove some measure of duplication, please see below.

[1] Please don't hurt wrath me! DX

The Escapist Staff:

Apologies for the double post; I was advised to quote OP to notify of my above comment. If I'd edited my earlier post to include the quote, the notification would not have been sent.

Is it the intention that this quiz only be taken once? That's fine if so, but last time I asked in was an error that was then corrected.

Oh, wow..1 correct out of 8.. Damn you, confusing letters made into words that form sentences into text.

only half of them right..probably because i never saw a lot of the films they had listed beyond the die hard movies.. maybe they should have used more well known films set at Christmas.. or more well known Christmas films

Was it only me or did a bunch of questions start with the incomprehensible phrase: "This not a Christmas movie movie has everything. "

I am more than happy enough that The Lion in Winter was an option for one of the answers. Makes any family Christmas pleasant by comparison.


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