Zero Punctuation: Little Big Planet

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Little Big Planet

This week Zero Punctuation reviews Little Big Planet.

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Looks like the ban hammer will be swinging again today.

A joyous review as ever, even if I couldnt care less about the game itself.
Also: LOL at the googly eye arse thing.

couldn't agree more. never have understood the huge draw this had. and wow did that dancing part freak me out.

I wonder if that was Yahtzee's ass shaking.

Dear god... We need to find a way to kill those googly eyed pants.

awesome as alway's, i enjoyed the EYES!

I liked the part with the dancing. Although I disagree with his thoughts on user made content.

I really can't "get" the fuss over LBP...

Beware the eyes!

They're watching you!

The eyes are scary. Very scary. I will have nightmares.


Well, that ending gave me a healthy dose of the fear.

Great review as usual!

And now the big question shall arise!

Was that Mr Croshaw shaking his money maker?

My, my...
Seems someone's in a bit of a rut this time around, eh?
Perhaps that's because he actually liked the game, but hated himself for it.
I haven't picked it up, nor have I picked up a PS3, being that I'm still in the demographic of poor bastard, but I've always wondered how it was.
And yes, I agree, we need to kill googly eyed ass man.

was wondering when LBP would get the shakedown, for some reason im having a strange urge to collect googly eyes...

Oh wow, wasn't expecting it to be this. I think he liked it, it's hard to tell.
Good use of Austin Powers music though, kudos.

This has to be my favorite review so far, the image of Sackboy looked like a deformed fat man.

meh, didnt find it funny myself...valid points though, Yahtzee doesn't seem to get UGC, the point is that there WILL be an extortianite amount of sh*t, but saturated with brilliance

hmm can't say i agree that evry person is a twat some people are accualy quite imagnitive but i don't care what he really says bout this cos i like the game

Yes, fire must be set to the googly eyed pants.

Interesting to hear the talking about User Made Content...something he did skip in his Super Smash Bros. Brawl review when he didn't mention the limited level creator there.

Though maybe it's only limited because I couldn't make a decent looking stage, and only used it so I could make a stage to easily get stickers in the game.

But yeah...I was tempted to, should I ever get a PS3, get this game. Now I'll have to rent it to see if it's a keeper or not. ...if I ever get a PS3, that is.

Aw man that was awesome.... Great review. I agree on a lot of points.

Oh no! Yathzee is going to slam Little Big Planet!

That's what I thought and with trepidation I pressed the play button.

Until I saw it and it ended with a very good view on modding tools. A big board to draw cocks on. Nice. Reminds me of these spore monsters:

I've wanted to go buy this game for a while now to see what all the fuss was about, and the tv adverts made it kind of intriguing to me. Not sure I will get it for a while now though, seems too frustrating!

also, what is the big deal about 1st posts?

Man, that'll teach me to watch ZP! on my lunchbreak at work. Damn you Yahtzee and your googly-eyed boxers!

Dear god... We need to find a way to kill those googly eyed pants.

Wait... won't that cause him to become pantsless?

and was I the only one that saw his comment about "throwing the content out into the river" was somewhat similar to his thoughts on what happened when he first put stuff on youtube?
"Putting out my review into the endless sea with everyone else" (something like that I can't remember exact quote)

is this a premonition about the second coming of yahtzee? through little big planet?

OK this was inevitably awesome! I really irritated my neighbors with my laugh xD I wonder what's next?

This follows YouTube as a great trailblazer for user created content through easy tools. Since everyone can use the tools, stupid noisy people with no imagination will go ahead uploading lots of crap nobody will actually give a toss about.

Another Great Review. I played this game and all I get is a mixed bag. While it's enjoyable to customize the levels, I am far too lazy to do such a thing.

With that in mind, is that Mr. Croshaw's buttocks with googly eyes? If that is, then congrats. Never again to bring that up again.

The eyes... they will haunt me...

Loved the ass-eyes dance to Austin Powers :p

"OH FUCK SORRY.I forgot.User made Content"

That had me locked on not going to get LBP

This is the scariest ZP yet. I've never seen the appeal of playing other people's user created levels. Sure making one is fun, but I've never made anything good ever.

I loved the video (and chocolate).
And switching the video to the butt made me laugh too.

I love the video, the googly eyes boxers really took me by surprise and I found it really differcult to stop laughing afterwards.

Today's episode contained more bile than usual and didn't include such fast conversation. Personally I think Yahtzee has finally lost the plot, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

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