Zero Punctuation: Little Big Planet

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The Aussie summer is really putting the heat on Yahtzee's noggin'. I mean, two chocolate metaphors!! What was he thinking? :P

my thoughts exactly.


To me this isn't a question as to whether or not video games in themselves are an art form. Instead it's whether or not a level designed in a prefabricated program can be considered an art form on the same foundation as painting, sculpting etc. and to me the answer is no. Even though you can partake in virtual sculpting and painting in the program it is still massively different then when doing it hands on.

When you paint something you have to have an idea of what you want. The majority of people create a sketch first and then put a light outline onto their canvas so that they know how everything will lay. You spend hours with the colors, shading, fine lines, tiny details, getting everything just right so that it looks like it took no time at all. Mistakes can be agonizing to correct. The same with sculpting - it takes hours of hands on work. Both of these mediums demand that you practice them and have background knowledge so that you can use them effectively.

But with a program that is set up to design levels already half of the work is already taken out. There is no foundation laying, no building up to what is considered the fun stuff. Players don't have to spend hours getting the code right - it's already done for them. That's what takes away the status of art from something like this. Regardless of how creative you are anyone who sits down can use it and create something functional out of it. Everything is laid out for you that you'll need. Anyone can sit down and with a little bit of fiddling and patience make something realitively impressive.

There may be a lot of highly creative people that work on level designing for LBP. If they are truly creative and artistic then they will become know by other work that they do. I mean think about it, what is more impressive to you: a level that designed with a program or one that was built from scratch that someone had to lovingly program? They are both beautiful, both run well, and both are fun - so the second one is going to be more impressive by the sheer amount of work that's gone into it.

Mind you I am not saying that anything created with a computer is not art. Far from it - in fact the website Digital Blasphemy is one of my all time favorites. I just have a problem with comparing work done from scratch with work that's already half completed from a program.

With a little bit of patience and fiddling, anyone can take a pencil and create a work of art on a piece of paper. It usually just involves a little bit of practice. However, that is never really "true" art unless that person created the paper his or herself as well as the mining the graphite. I'm sorry, unless you created the tools yourself, anything you do with said tools should never be considered art. Did you create those paints? Cut the hair from that camel to form a brush? Weave your own canves? Well, that "Mona Lisa" or whatever the hell you call it is nowhere near close to art...

I think you aren't putting enough thought into your response when you state that noone can create any sort of art within the confines of any "create-type" program. Or are all those people who create Photoshop works of art hacks? Or those who create life-like CG cut-scenes? Or those who write a phenominal movie script, play an instrument (did they really create that violin themselves)...

I'm sorry, but not only is your statement foolish, it is also completely wrong.

The eyes... THE EYES... THE EYES

For some reason, the googly eyed pants thing seems like something someone does when they really, REALLY want to kill some time in real life for no reason other than killing time (IE Nothing going on for the whole day.)
No I could not stop laughing either, yes I think the episode was great, and yes, I think that Yahtzee may create a new meme with this. I shudder to see the degradation of this. *Shudder*

He's confirmed it. It's un-reviewable.

What a let down of a game... A funny 'review' though :)

I'll be honest, the J-horror effects on the butt-eyes did creep me out.

all my ass does is fart in the key of F

I am really surprised that he reviewed this. I thought that Yahtzee would have looked at it the same as Super Smash Brothers even though he is a fan of the PS3. He must have fallen to viewer pressure again. The butt monster was funny though. I hope your A/C is fixed soon. I think I just realized something. He wrote the review in his boxers.

Those googly-eyed boxers will forever be burnt into my memory like a cattle brand. When my life flashes past my eyes, the last thing I will see is a pair of swaying boxer shorts staring into my soul.

On a more serious note, great review and please, for the sake of my sanity, let those boxers never see the light of day again.

Fruit Loop.

Yahtzee should make an episode which is nothing but the scene with the boxers and googly eyes just to pull out the people that want to comment for the sake of commenting. I do enjoy a good ban-hammering.

My, my...
Seems someone's in a bit of a rut this time around, eh?
Perhaps that's because he actually liked the game, but hated himself for it.

I've got to wonder, why does someone always come up with this these days when there's a negative review? "He does not hate the game, he hates himself! VERR' psychological!"

I gotta agree with Yahtzee. The game seems from the outside to be jump from A to B and then... do it again.

And... Where can I get a pair of pants like those! I wonder if Kmart has any...




I lost it 3 minutes in. Wow that was funny.

-and come on people, STURGEONS LAW - 90% of everything = not chocolate.

I am also shocked that Yahtzee downplayed the user content, I've played mindblowing levels on this game and done amazing things like ride on walls and get pissed at my friends for making such ridiculously hard levels. -but why am I reading too far into this? It's the guys job to downplay everything.

and just skimming through the comments, I can see people mistook this for a "negative" review.

Is everyone a cynic?


I was hoping he would review this.
...was that Yahtzee with the googly eye boxers? If so then awesome. Yahtzee rocks even more.

Thank you. Now I can't sleep with the lights turned off anymore. Stupid eyes.

"OH FUCK SORRY.I forgot.User made Content"

That had me locked on not going to get LBP

That got me. Entertaining as ever.

Stephen Fry's voice is nothing short of orgasmic.

Even Yahtzee is not immune to his dulcet tones! ;)

Never ever EVER show Yatzee's ass in any way shape or form again please.

Otherwise, good review. However, i would have to say that the User content was actually much better designed then the rest of the game. One of em even included a giant voyage through the see, which had to be too fun.

Surprisingly positive, overall. I expected Yahtzee to rip it a new one. good review though.

Ahhh, that's better. Staring at arse was much more enjoyable than that thing where the unfunny guys talk over cut scenes.

Oh, and the review wasn't too bad either. PS3 fanboys have spent too long holding this game up as if it compensates for all the 360 exclusives which are apparently "overrated".

Yeah I'm pretty sure that now I will need to go out and buy some googly eyes to plaster on my arse.

Good video as usual, the googly eyes were great!

Also I wish someone would make another decent game like Little Big Adventure, it was awesome back in the day.

Check out that arse! Niiiiiceeee.
Oh, and loved the review too.

I was hoping he would review this.
...was that Yahtzee with the googly eye boxers? If so then awesome. Yahtzee rocks even more.

I dont know whats more disturbing, Yahtzee doing the butt monster himself, or asking a friend to do it....

maybe its an escapist, think he's your friend?, he might be grooming all of us.

Lord Doom:
I am really surprised that he reviewed this. I thought that Yahtzee would have looked at it the same as Super Smash Brothers even though he is a fan of the PS3. He must have fallen to viewer pressure again. The butt monster was funny though. I hope your A/C is fixed soon. I think I just realized something. He wrote the review in his boxers.

Projecting much?

Since when has Yahtzee been a PS3 fanboy and how is LBP like SSB? LBP is a platformer that relies on user created content, SSB is a simplified fighting game (granted, it has a rudimentary level editor, but it's more of an appendix). I've never played any of them and I can still tell the difference.

About "viewer pressure":
If you've ever listened to the AustralianGamer podcasts you may have heard that Yahtzee has actually been playing LBP since the game's release and enjoyed it, somewhat begrudgingly.

I wonder if that was Yahtzee's ass shaking.

I find myself wondering this, also.

I'm late in posting this, but what's with the queer jokes on this one? Honestly, I don't mind the quarkyness (yes, that's a word) of the previous "reviews", but this one has a strong ephasis on cock and ass. Either way, the review was okay; my review of that review is 2.5 out of 5.

Also, just as a note, I'd like to see a review of Warhammer Online if at all possible. Of course, this would be better done in a month when the Slayer (a fat, naked midget) and the Choppa get added in or in a few months when the Land of the Dead gets in too, but any time is also good.

lol. most of the old ones were built on similies and random cracks at Michael Actkinson. Although he didn't show up in this episode, it was a nice return to form.

I loved LittleBigPlanet, but the points that he made where parts that did actually bother me about the game.

Jumping is hard. You never know if the jump you made to four toothpick size pillars will be good for a jump to another toothpick size pillar that is the same distance away. I've had many a Sackperson plummet to their sack-y deaths by mis judging a jump.

The level creation is a really neat idea, but it's true- there are alot of really bad ones then there are ones like the Azure Palice that is really hard, yet fantastically tought out. Or ones that are incredibly interesting but useless in the end like the Calculator level.

The coolest part for me and my friends seems to be being able to dress up funny and play together. There really hasn't been many games lately that we could all play at the same time that was good. Every player has to cooperate yet you are competing as well.

I think that I've seen boxers you can buy that have them already attatched.

I wonder if that was Yahtzee's ass shaking.


It was a bit more hard to understand than usual. But i will undersatnd more after watching it a few more times.

Very funny btw.

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