So You Want to Get Into Malifaux

So You Want to Get Into Malifaux

Victory Points takes on Malifaux, the miniatures skirmish game an alternate wild west in another dimension. So, gather your crew and prepare yourself to hunt for soulstones.

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Just a quick note of thanks, Lodur - I've been enjoying these articles. I'm an old WH40k player (haven't touched the minis game in decades) and appreciate the chance to get up to speed with where the hobby's gone more recently. Malifaux and Warmachine / Hordes have been high on my curiosity index, and it feels good to have had that itch scratched.

A quick thought / my two cents? You're quite heavy on the crunch (rules), and while you mention the fluff (setting details), I hope you also feel comfortable giving subjective opinions on what games feel like when you play them. It's hard to give a concrete example with the games you've mentioned, but f'rinstance I always found a session of Mordheim to be more rewarding than a session of WH40k (perhaps due to the simple unit advancement mechanic). It's a little detail, negligible when it comes to the value of one ruleset over another (they are more than a bit similar) but may be worth mentioning.

I always recommend malifaux for people new to tabletop war games.
For one thing having a hand of cards to 'twist fate' is a lot better strategically than leaving it all up to dice.

That and the Neverborn are the shizz.


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