Pikachu and Pepper Spray: Hong Kong's Geeky Protest Art

Pikachu and Pepper Spray: Hong Kong's Geeky Protest Art

Protests in Hong Kong are escalating over the bid for democratic elections, and icons not usually associated with politics have joined the "umbrella movement." Pikachu and other geek characters have joined the fray.

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I'm very grateful for this article. I've been trying to keep an eye on how the Hong Kong protests are evolving and what better way thatn through the eyes of some who is there.

Thanks for this amazing article. This is the most interesting protest I've seen by a long mile.

Thank you for this, it's hard to follow here from europe, we don't hear too much about it.

Thanks for sticking your neck in there Path, anything else interesting you saw there that might not warrant a full article?

Thank you for the well researched article. Given the language barrier there's always the fear that much of the imageries and art used by the protesters will be impenetrable to foreginers, given that much of it is also impenetrable to many older people in Hong Kong itself. But you've done a good job in translation.

Youth culture in Hong Kong is massively influenced by pop culture from other countries. Hong Kong is famous for its weak creative industry, with only 2 free tv companies dishing out the same rubbish over and over again. Many young people intead look outside for entertainment. The generation raised on Japanese anime/manga and American comicbook heroes is the same generation who are now feeling compelled to take to the streets. It is no wonder that geek culture finds themselves represented this way.

If anyone would like to know more about some of the memes coming out of the Umbrella Movement please contact me and I'll be happy to explain more.

I personally find photoshoped pictures of the Chinese president, Xi standing with the protesters (and indeed physically on the ground) to be hilarious:

You really are an amazing writer. You managed to perfectly convey a sense of what's going on over in Hong Kong, and I'm truly sorry this protest won't anything significant in the near future. Hopefully it'll start an avalanche.

Thank you for this. Never knew about the protests (Midwest US news doesn't care apparently) and I find myself awestruck by it and it's use of geek icons as a form of political language. Very intriguing.

Also, beautiful language. You were just describing the art, but you managed to capture the passion that was put into said art's creation. Good job.

Excellent and fascinating article!

Your finishing statements did hit me as defeatist at first; though I quickly realized that was not the intent (as you said, no matter what happens this movement will show people for generations in the area they can stand up for what they believe in).

I am hoping some change in legislation will happen. I admit it's unlikely, but I'd love to see it.


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