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No Laughing Matter

Graham loves Christmas, there's just a little too much of it sometimes.

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There can never be too much Christmas in my opinion. Christmas is the only time of the year my default mood isn't bitter, cynical asshole who hates everyone. Starting December 1st, it is the Christmas Season to me! And just in case you may think I'm too crazy for Christmas, I also celebrate Festivus. And if you know what that is, you get a cookie.

I want more of Gram McScrooge.

Bah humbug.

I don't like Christmas. It's a confrontational time with my family, and there is a concerning amount of drinking involved. The 25th is a day of labour merited only when it is finally over.

Christmas holidays are good though. Lots of time in which to catch up on backlogs, study, do additional work, stuff like that.

Ghosts? In December?
This can only mean one thing...
Merry Ghostmas!
*Nails a can of spraypaint to the wall*

'Tis the season for (more) Steam sales...

Also for slaughtering trees and mounting them in our homes as trophies while ritually ingesting a viscous substance known as commercial egg nog...

I am disappointed LRR, that should have been a full on 30+ minute Christmas special.

Actually, why don't you guys do "A Christmas Carol?" I think Andy would make a great "Ghost of Christmas Past" (or present [or future {or any role really...}])

I love how much Commodore Hustle inside jokes there are now. The laugh track, last year's christmas, and Paul inventing things. Though I miss the old days when the show had an actual arc.

Graham is me. All years.

At least Americans have Thanksgiving hype to cut into Christmas hype, presumably.

Graham is me. All years.

At least Americans have Thanksgiving hype to cut into Christmas hype, presumably.

Thanksgiving is just a precursor to Black Friday, which is really just early Christmas shopping. Honestly, the U.S. has a problem with Christmas. It might as well start after July 4th.

"Only two Mondays until Christmas."

*Thunderous does frantic finger counting*

Crap, he's right! I should probably pick up those last few presents. And the first few. And decide who I'm giving presents to and what I'm giving them.

Scars Unseen:
'Tis the season for (more) Steam sales...

Also for slaughtering trees and mounting them in our homes as trophies while ritually ingesting a viscous substance known as commercial egg nog...

I don't know if you meant "vicious", or if eggnog is really thick where you come from.

I would like to see a Christmas Carol/Ghostbusters crossover. LRR, get on it.

I've been saying this since October when I saw a Coke-a-cola polar bear commercial.

if this is how you really feel graham, then i'm with you 100%.

If not, then I still feel this way but more lonely.

That boom mic.... entering all the zingers.

So distracting.

Good sketch, though i thought the pointe would be that by Dec. 24/25 Graham would be the only one who really enjoys the actual celebration, while everyone else is feed up or just happy that it's over.

I'm surprised Paul hasn't looked into the magical properties of Beej's phone. Surround sound even when in Beej' pocket and the ability to make people sing in rhyme without realising it, if he were to harness this, he could create those giant dance numbers you see in the movies!

This one was all over the place. There was humor. There was singing. There were side-panning parking lot cuts. It was like listening to a Meatloaf song. That's not a bad thing--I like Meatloaf. I like the back and forth banter (Beej text tone was good). But there was really no point to this one.

Graham, I feel you were the script backbone. Solid acting as well--just the right amount of aggravation.

Kathleen! Tighten it up. I sense you added some meanderish seasoning to this one. You can't stray too far from main story arc to get the jokes you want. It isn't healthy. It makes cats cry.

Seriously, folks. How hard could it be to write and film a humorous short skit or four every week? Have a Merry Christmas! Too soon? Yeah. Too soon.

"Should've planned ahead; MY blanket's electric!". That is the sickest ghost burn EVER!!! Brilliant!

Good that the song/rhyme didn't overspend it's welcome. The ending was a bit... less funny than the rest, but still a solid sketch! :)

I've been enjoying coming up with knock-off xmas carols with friends such as "Allow Frozen Precipitate" and "Rodney the Rhinophymatic Cariboo"

Have to agree with Graham. I work retail. Which means at this time of year, 4-6 days of my week are dealing with Christmas shoppers and listening to 50 versions of the same damn Christmas carols over the intercom. By the time Christmas day rolls around, I am getting really, really tired of it.

Why would the ghost be cold? He's already covered in a blanket, even if it isn't electric. If anything, he should be too warm.

Wait a minute .... is he wearing any clothes under that ghost costume?

Have to agree with Graham. I work retail.

Oh dude, I'm so, so sorry.

I count myself among the former. Like Graham, I like Christmas. Just... not as much as other people, apparently.

Graham, are you secretly me?

Because I had this argument with parents last week.
Dammit, who puts Christmas decorations out in first days of December without any snow during rain?

Did someone cut holes in a damask sheet for this bit? Haha.

I agree that there's too much Christmas but only to a certain extent. Personally, I love Christmas from December 1st to 31st. After and more importantly before that, I just don't want to hear/see/taste/smell/...touch? it.

With that said I totally lost my shit when Alex and Beej showed up as Christmas ghosts. And what's wrong with Magic cards for secret Santa if everyone is okay with it?


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