Phoenix Wright Trilogy Review - Evidently, It's Aces

Phoenix Wright Trilogy Review - Evidently, It's Aces

The Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy is not worth buying again if you have played all three games, but its a great way to get into the series if you have never tried it.

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I've completed every Ace Attorney game that was released in Europe and will buy the 3DS version as well. This series is (at least for me) worth buying all over again simply to show Capcom that they have a really great franchise that needs more love. It's basically the same as SEGA's Yakuza games. I've imported the 5th game a while ago and will buy it again once it's released with english subtitles. Sometimes I've got to spend a little more instead of whining about not getting the games you want.

Aside from that: If you haven't played Ace Attorney then you should. This is a great compilation that's a steal at this price.

Remixed sound... Tell me they didn't change the music or the Objection! sound effects. One of the things Dual Destinies was missing was the little *shing* noise on the Objection! and how the slight digitalised sound made the voice sound totally more awesome. Seriously, compare the original trilogy's Phoenix Wright's Objection! against Dual Destinies'. No contest.

Well i'm probably not gonna buy it anyway but i'm getting more worried about all the HD remakes lately. Sometimes mindless "improvement" makes things worse. Silent Hill HD anyone?

Anyway the Ace Attorney trilogy (i'm discounting Apollo Justice because I really didn't like it and DD was alright but based a lot of its plot on plot/framing devices I hate. Damn you flashback cases!) is the perfect example of how to do a trilogy correctly if I just go by plot and characters which surely haven't changed. Do try it, the old games on DS are going to be even more cheap if you have no 3DS too.

As long as it isn't the same broken mess that was the IOS version, I'm game.


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