8 Reasons to Watch Netflix in December

8 Reasons to Watch Netflix in December

Netflix often cycles out their movies, because of this they need to replenish their supply with new films. In December, this month, we're getting a whole slew of great films, so here's a list of some movies not to miss this coming month. They're spread out throughout so you aren't going to be rushed to watch anything.

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Can this also be a list of why the world should sort out if it's a market driven economy or not and let overseas people access Netflix without problems? Netflix gets money, we get shows, everyone wins!

I though The Wolf on Wall Street was already on Netflix. *Checks Netflix* Huh. Guess maybe it was only for the Canadian one. Go us (again) I guess eh?

Edit: Also Heavenly Sword is on Netlfix? I guess they made it into a movie. Who'd have thunk it.

That Midgaard Serpent(?) looks awesome! And I'll totally be looking into The Trip To Italy. Love both of those guys.


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