Fact and Fiction - The Culture and Politics of Kyrat

Fact and Fiction - The Culture and Politics of Kyrat

Rob Rath discusses what Far Cry 4 got right, as well as what it got entirely wrong.

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Februar isn't misspelled. Its German.

Pagan isn't his birth name, he named himself after a 19th century Burmese ruler King Pagan, on account of they both had daddy issues that didn't end well for said daddy's.


Other than my pointless nitpick, good read, gonna read up more on Nepal.

What? Rob Rath has been to Nepal?

Nah, but seriously, informative and interesting as always: and I haven't even played Far Cry

Thanks again, Rob, for another great article. That's one part of the world that I wanna see before my time comes.

My parents knew a man in Hong Kong named Satan Chan.

Great article as usual. I haven't played the game, but your writing has piqued my interest in the country.


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