A Look Inside the Friendly Local Gaming Store

A Look Inside the Friendly Local Gaming Store

Adam Gauntlett speaks with the owners behind The Compleat Strategist, a friendly local gaming store in New York City.

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Kilbert: It's not a profitable business, and it's not a big business. If it was any bigger, someone would open up a huge store and knock us out. But there's no opportunity, so nobody's stepped in!

A better summary for game stores, I've never heard. Most of the stores I've been in aren't very good, because the people running them aren't businessmen or experienced retailers, they're people who love games and want to surround themselves with them. They're not the best places to shop, but by God do they care.

Also, from the amount if exclamation points, I'm going to assume that Kilbert was bouncing up and down in his seat the whole interview like a dog walking through a new park.

My parents shopped at the New York City store for their stuff.
I've been in that store. It's a cramped little space where, if they're busy, you're busy walking sideways to get what you need to get.
AND BY GOD IT'S GLORIOUS! I'd even go as far as to say it's a tabletop gaming pilgrimage site (then again, I may be a tad bit biased about that >.>).

Never expected to see them on this site...thanks for the warm, happy feelings, Karloff.

I love this place. When i lived in NYC and worked 10 block away, I would hop on the subway to visit the Compleat Strategist once a week. I just enjoyed being in its musty embrace, from the thousands of RPG supplements to the minis in the back. Thanks for bringing back the memories, Adam.

Oh, I loved going to this store before I moved out of the city. It's a bit cramped, but only because it's packed to the gills with shelves and shelves of games.

Huh, I thought they closed shop years ago. Next time I'm in Manhattan I'll check them out. It's probably been 20 years since I've set foot in there.


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