The TV Specials of Christmas Past

The TV Specials of Christmas Past

Looking back on some of the holiday's more bizarre Christmas specials.

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The Town that Santa Forgot was a mainstay in my household, I always thought it was better-known classic. I always thought the ending where he becomes second-in-command to Santa Claus was a little strange.

While it's not "strange" so much as interesting- Ichigo Mashimaro's last episode is a Christmas episode and is very "Specialy" in regards to it being heartwarming and about the spirit of the whole thing. However, it's also quite funny at times and interesting because it's set in Japan and you get a glimpse of what it's like there. The only problem is that it is the last episode of the series and you're expected to know the characters more, but it's not too inaccessible.

I remember the He-Man & She-Ra Christmas Special from watching it at my comic book shop a couple of years ago. There's often an old cartoon or movie playing on the shop's TV's when I drop by, and that time of year called out for something Christmasy AND geeky. Me and my friends were going through the PREVIEWS catalog to preorder our books for 2 or 3 months later, and I swear the funniest line I ever heard was "Merry Christmas, Skeletor!" The whole room was howling with laughter!

Huh... I thought The Life and Times of Santa Claus would be on this list for some reason...

Regardless, I forgot about that one animated Christmas Carol with Chuck Jones playing the Executive Producer...


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