5 Time Travel Movies That Make Guys Cry

5 Time Travel Movies That Make Guys Cry

Think time travel is all action and no tears? Think again.

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What, T2 isn't mentioned in the...oh, extra mention.

The Planet of the Apes one is a bit...dunno. It was revealed that the existence of the future apes could lead to humans being enslaved and later totally wiped out (along with the entire planet), that goes a long way towards justifying killing them, IMHO.

If any of these make you cry then you need to re-examine your life and man the hell up.

Perhaps it is time to find a new bit because each of these lists sucks in terms of making guys cry. The only way I see these lists being even remotely accurate and worth anyone's time is if you cry over pretty much anything bad that happens.

Seriously step the content up with this or move onto something more worth while than just constant lists which make zero sense.

Only movie to make me cry isn't on this list at all. 'Up' is and probably will be the only damn movie that ever brought a tear to my eye.

The Girl Who Lept Through Time got me teared up a bit.

ill ditto the girl who leapt through time choked me up but thats because im a suck not because it's manly-emotional

none of these are even close to guy-cry though. needs some manly sacrifices or manly tragedies to get a guy-cry. the chopper arc in onepiece involves man-sacrifices, rudy is a man-tragedy. people have to do something real-life-manly as fuck (not some expendibles bullshit) and it goes heartbreakingly bad for them and we wanna be like "noooo" but we can't interfere with something so manly

basically manly crying movies are being touched by the pride and strength of a character, feeling that they deserve so much better than they're getting but half of that is because of how they keep their chin up through bullshit that is often easily avoidable and everyone knows it.

The only time I cried watching Looper was at that moment in the film where everyone realises this isn't even going to be a fraction as good as the story we thought/hoped/guessed/wrote in our minds ahead of time.

This is a very odd combination of things here. I never would have put "Time travel movies" and "Movies that make guys cry" together. Apparently there must be a larger selection of films in this particular genre than I would have originally thought.

Sorry Doctor Who (A TV Show) can't make this list.

Loved the inclussion of Looper. Awesome!


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