Indie Developers Showcase Finale: Games on a Plane

Indie Developers Showcase Finale: Games on a Plane

To wrap up our Indie Developers Showcase, we asked the developers to pitch us a hypothetical game concept based off a simple premise: "You are a passenger on an airplane." These were our favorite picks of the bunch.

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Beatnik games, you just made me laugh very hard. Awesome, awesome, awesome game idea. This needs to be realized.

(Can't Fake the Funk: 00 fan, eh?)

Casual Collective had the best idea. I'd buy that game, definitely :D.

Yeah Casual Collective had the best idea!

Eh. Sounds too much like the first couple seasons of Lost to me. Beatnik FTW.

Of the ideas, I think the Beatnik concept was the neatest (if a little disturbing), but I had thought of a variation of Cipher Prime's idea. You want to sneak into first class by some preset time (like when the good movie starts or something). You maneuver from seat to seat as people go to the bathroom, but you have to constantly be on guard for attendants who will ask you to return to the starting point.


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