The Grand Unifying Theory of Games: Adding More Depth

The Grand Unifying Theory of Games: Adding More Depth

Yahtzee continues his enthusiastic recounting of how he plans to tie the stories of 55 different video game stories into one unifying world.

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That's astounding. I think I recognized about half of the games referenced. It looks like some of it took a bit of fiddling to make it fit, but the whole storyline is coherent and does make some amount of sense. It's a neat prospect. Well done!

Oh bravo! That was a really fun read! I'd love to see how much more you could work into the whole narrative. You've given me quite a fun mental bauble to play with, thank you.

I must say, I'm very surprised we don't see your stories for games actually being picked up. You have mentioned a few times being asked to write treatments and whatnot, yet nothing ever comes of it; more's the pity I say! I really would like to see you do more of this kinda thing, I do find your game design philosophy and story ideas to be the most engaging part of your videos after all.

...I feel really stupid. I didn't understand the article at all.

Well played, Mr. Croshaw. Well played. That was a fun read.

Actually that is an interesting setting for some sort of crossover RPG involving video game lore... something that would be awesome to see put to practice though it'd never actually happen. Still great read and something I may never actually see culminated into a solidified form but nevertheless something my mind will forever remember from here until senility. Seriously that was a good read Mr. Croshaw.

...I feel really stupid. I didn't understand the article at all.

Imagine if all game worlds took place in the same universe. Yahtzee's trying to tie all the bits together so it flows in some kind of sense.

A fine read and I'm quite impressed by how Spec Ops: The Line was included just because "why not?"

Just so we are clear Yahtzee, these types of articles are much appreciated. It is a lot of fun to read and it is really good to see someone being enthusiastic about video games and having fun when negativity has become the dominating factor of game journalism.

That was awesome; I'm surprised you can even remember all those video game PMCs, let alone tie them all into a unified narrative. It's wonderful food for thought.

Also, trust you to work in a Destroy All Humans reference in relation to XCOM. It's nice to know that game isn't completely forgotten.

This was by far the greatest thing I've read all month. At least all month. Well done.

Great read! I recognized several of those games, but quite a few of them flew right over my head.

I got a kick out of the mercenaries and PMC's part. You gotta have Executive Operations if you're talking mercs. I was expecting FOXHOUND/Militaries sans Frontiers/Diamond Dogs/Outer Heaven from Metal Gear in there as well, and how involved Belltower is with the research and development of cybernetic augmentation.

And that terrorist attack on the Moscow Airport was NOT America-backed! Only one guy there was a mole for the CIA, and he was going deep undercover to spy on Makarov and I just can't help myself anymore. Nothing from the non-WWII CoD games make any sense to me. Although I did like that jab at the "Brown" and thought you'd work in CoD into that.

This is it. This explains everything. All hail Yahtzee, Creator of the Grand Unifying Game Theory! *nerdgasms, kneels*

...I feel really stupid. I didn't understand the article at all.

It continues from this article back in September, that should make it make more sense :)

OT: That was a really fun read, I missed the original article, so it was great reading it all as one full narrative, so many references, and yet it ties together so well!

I want to see someone narrate this over footage of each respective game...

A fun read, but I can see why Yahtzee dropped it. Was it really going anywhere?


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