LoadingReadyRun: The LoadingReadyRumble 2

The LoadingReadyRumble 2

As our 11th complete season comes to a close, we decided the best way to remember everyone's favourite sketch characters was to have them brutally kill each other for our amusement. Or something.

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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Johnny...The J-Man...why do the good always die so young? *uncontrollable sobbing*

I was hoping the last episode would be something like this. Really sad to see this series end but it's been a good 11 years and at least we can still see the LRR crew on Feed Dump. So long and thanks for all the comedy.

I can't think of a better way to cap of the series. I still remember looking into who/what LoadingReadyRun was after watching the first Unskippable submitted for Film Festival way back in the day. It's been a pleasure to have the series on the site, Its Magic is still one of my favorite pieces of content we've ever published, and I continue to look forward to more Feed Dump and Unskippable and wishing the best of luck in all their other endeavors.

My introduction to Loading Ready Run was Daily Drop, but swiftly did I get hooked on Feed Dump and the skits. So long, and thanks for all the laughs! . . . only except this isn't /really/ "so long," since there's still the Dumping of Feeds, but . . . you know.
OH! Have you folkers tried seeings if the CBC would have any interest in picking you up for consistent, gainful employment? I mean, I'd be happy to know my tax dollars are going toward putting food on your tables.

Nooooooh!!!!! Jonny is back, and then he doesn't make it?!!!! :'(
Oh yeah, no more LRR. That's sad too! But, The J-man!!!! :'(

For a second, I was sure that Ian/Skeletor would've been behind it all. And yeah, no weekly LRR sketches suck. D:

But I look forward to the future of LRR regardless. :D

Thats depressing. This is one of my favorite things on escapist.

Im sad now.

They have said that if inspiration strikes, they may do one-off sketches and other things in the future, and the Patreon has them up for 6 commodoreHUSTLE sketches throughout the year, so definitely check that out.

gonna miss this hsow. now i have hardly anything to watch now :(
was a nice run throughout the years. shame that good things always come to an end.


(At least Andy lived though)

They have said that if inspiration strikes, they may do one-off sketches and other things in the future, and the Patreon has them up for 6 commodoreHUSTLE sketches throughout the year, so definitely check that out.

Only 6? Man, I'd really like to see at least 12-24... but I don't have the bribe money.

I love it. It was the sole surviving dude that was trapped for an age untold in the closet. That dude totally deserved to eke out his geometric power grab to rapidly escalate from his previous danger level into a creature one-thousand times as frightening to face and equally as deadly. He entered a gust of wind, but left as an angry fart.

I'm not great with these kind of send-offs or whatever, but i'd just like to say: Thank you.

The comedy sketches have been great every week and i've been absolutely in love with Loading Ready Run since i was first exposed to Unskippable about 5 or 6 years ago.

Since then you've space jumped your way right into my heart and while i'm sad sketches won't be a weekly thing anymore i'll keep watching Unskippable and Feed Dump, and you can bet i'm knocking something your way through Patreon as well.

Cheers to the future, you crazy beautiful people.

Loved LRR since the first unskippable and it's weird to think of a world without the weekly sketches.

Still the comedy train is rolling on. Looking forward to 2015 and what they do with it.

Thanks for all the fun!

I hope they release a dvd/bluray box set of everything from the past 11 years. That would be awesome...

What a great ending to a fun series. Thanks.

I thought for sure the one stealing all the souls WAS Creepy Doll. Still, stinger. That made up for it.

Aw man... Despite seeing it coming, it still got to me...

Regardless, I'm gonna miss LRR... I forgot which episode was my first, but there's never been a sketch I didn't like overall...

Well, time for my LRR rerun marathon!

wonderful episode. thank you everyone. i always wanted a wrap like this. take care.

I'll be following the LRR crew wherever you all go! ^_^ In a way much less stalker-like than that sounds. Loving the twitch stream and feed dump and unskippable :3

Thanks for all the entertainment, there have been many times over the years where LRR skits have just set my day in a positive mood and/or cheered me up!

I laughed harder than I should have at Ashleigh's death. I too have a barely resistible urge to kill anyone who uses nouns as verbs. And I was rooting for the Snakes to make it.

Oh well. Thanks for all the laughs!

This makes me sad, but it was a good run nevertheless and there's still more LRR stuff to watch. Still I'll miss the sketches and the old guy in me is starting to notice change really bugging me more as I age.

Goodnight sweet prince...

Thanks so much for all the fun guys, I'm glad to hear it isn't truly over!

That was great...it just makes soooo sad. This year the Escapist has been shedding things I watched at an alarming rate, others just dropping like a stone in quality. You guys kept it up to the very end of LRR. Thank you so much for all these years of weekly sketches. I'll have to settle for less LRR here at the Escapist, though I'll keep watching you guys everywhere you go. Wait, that was kind stalkerish. I'll just follow you, safely.

You guys had a great run, I think I can speak for everyone when I say that it's sad to see this series come to a close. That said I understand the need to move on, 11 years is a long time, I wish all of you the best of luck in all other current and future endeavors.

I'm so sad right now - I've been watching you guys since before escapist. Thank you for continuing feed dump and good luck on your new adventures!

Really missing the weekly sketches but from what I hear the guys are actually shooting MORE stuff now. As long as Feed Dump keeps going! :D


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