Unforgotten Realms: Episode 19: Why Did We Keep These Empty Jars?

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Unforgotten Realms: Episode 19: Why Did We Keep These Empty Jars?

Shmoopy, Nailo, and Gary discover the origins of their new bodies.


"The Arbiter is now a lemon grenade!"

"We saved her but goooood"
"Mike... ...shut up."

Easily the funniest episode yet, keep up the awesome work.


OMG thank you so much for the weekly episodes, the jokes from this show have made my D&D sessions much more enetertaining

keep up the awsome work


Painfully funny. XD

But I'm gonna miss the Arbiter! ;_;

Great episode guys, i thought the whole explanation of the dragon warrior went on for a bit too long but some good lines towards the end.
Haha, also loved the Gary voice modulator bit.
Glad its weekly now too, keep up the good work guys.

Great episode, one of the best so far.

OMG UR is weekly now?
Keep up the good work.

Nice one. Wasn't THE best but still roflol. Keep up the good work.

Very nice rob, keep up the good work.

Haha. Awesome.

The beginning kind of dragged on, but it answered a lot of questions that a lot of people on the forums wouldn't shut up about. So I guess that's good.

Besides that, the episode was awesome. I wasn't expecting a 9 minute episode for the weekly. Keep up the hard work.

Been awhile since you had a really funny one, good job. Altough i sense a plot twist with the Ariter now as a "Lemon Grenade"...

Altough i sense a plot twist with the Ariter now as a "Lemon Grenade"...

I do too, I call it the "Peteybiter"

meh,it was ok there was better episodes and stuff and also bring bakc the phrase "I cast flare!" and "ok i search for traps",those were the best lines to me....

Great episode i'm gonna miss the Arbiter

''The Arbiter would also like to drain his penis off excess fluid lol''

The best of the new series! Keep up the good work!

You guys realize that people enjoy this show for lots of different reasons and not everyone finds the same things funny?

I'm so confused why people tell me what ranking they deemed this weeks episode compared to others.

lol "The arbiter is now a lemon grenade!"
that was a great episode... ogre sound!

Hmmmm...I wonder what will become of the lemon grenaded Dragon Warrior's sons. Perhaps they'll land near empty characters or something.

My money's on the assassin inhabiting an undead cleric. Not only would it be a tough adjustment, but undead clerics are total nonsense. If he tried to turn his own kind, he would be killing himself in the process. Just plain awesome.

The quality ( graphics wise ) of this episode is HORRIBLE compared to previous episodes...WTF happened?

Painfully funny. XD

But I'm gonna miss the Arbiter! ;_;

I'm going to miss Roamin he was awesome, and where is Jacque le axe I liked him

ahh...I'm going to miss the arbiter...

WEEKLY EPISODES! I now praise you as my king and god.

...the intro's keep chopping out for me, do I not have the right codec or something? Or is that just a problem that's been happening?

Aww.. the arbiter was sooo funnny. Suck my balls Paladin!

Wait, Maelstorm is a good guy?

(Yay! Weekly episodes!)

Yahoo for weekly episodes!!

The plot is absolutely crazy...I love it!! It reminds me of the first few seasons of Red Vs Blue.

"the arbiter also needs to drain his penis of excessive fluids"
I couldn't stop laughing ^^

Loved Gaary's voice mask and the white smith too :D

WOOOHOOO! Weekly episodes, absolutely wonderful news guys.

Haha, this one was great!

Hey, just joined the forums to say I've been watching your series since the beginning and have to congratulate you on how you moved on professionally with your work; it's more evident in this season. Turning from biweekly to weekly also made Thursday my favourite day now. Can't wait for the next one!

Now to wonder what on Earth happened to Roamin...

Thanks for listening to the fans and shutting off the voice modulator. =)

Going to miss the Arbiter he had some funny content. UR is fantastic, hope there is some coin in it for you.

Whatever happen with Jacque and Petey? Not that I honestly really miss them though.

Watched Time Gnomes 3 again yesterday, got to love the classics. (The wow one, not the falling to death one.)

"The Arbiter is now a lemon grenade" That part was awesome. Thanks for turning the modulator off too, it was really annoying.
Also, are you weekly now? Or is this just some sort of special occasion to get in sync with "Doomsday Arcade"?

Yay! Unforgotten Realms is weekly now! That makes me happy enough that I'm starting to feel strains on my face from all the smiling.

Aside from that, it was an awesome episode, but I'm gonna miss the Arbiter...

"The Arbiter is now a lemon grenade!"

Ahh... Memories...


But why did Maelstrom (through that vampire) betray James, Stevenson and the Arbiter when they all want the same thing anyway?
Also, are the original owners of the bodies now dead/gone for ever?
I'm with Gaary on that one: The Arbiter was really funny!

Any episode with lemonyade jokes = instant classic.

Keep them coming!

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