5 Robot Movies That Make Guys Cry

5 Robot Movies That Make Guys Cry

Robot movies aren't all about action -- they can have some real tearjerker moments that will bring even the manliest to tears.

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Terminator 2, yup. Right in the feels.

Manly tears.

Also Transformers. Ah, for the days when a giant transforming robot movie was about giant transforming robots with a killer epic rock soundtrack. Not some squishy meatbags and product tie-ins.

Iron Giant.
That movie is all about the choices. The giant crash lands and has some sort of robot-amnesia. So, it's all about what the robot choses to do. And during the film he has a choice: Is he going to be a powerful weapon, which seems to be his original purpose, or does he chose for himself?
"Superman". Good choice, good choice.

I can't remember if I was crying when Optimus Prime died. Well I was sad at that scene especially with the music-

Also yeah, I was sad when Arnie and the Iron Giant death.

Did The Iron Giant COME BACK?

I mean, it was HEAVILY implied he was pulling himself back together.

Ah yeah. My mom tells me I had to be walked out of the theater when Optimus died. I was bawling. I can't remember the specifics. It's been too long since I've seen the movie, but yeah. I still have these ghosts of feelings I had, even watching that trailer, of a trauma I had as a little kid. "It's just a cartoon" yeah tell that to your 6 year old kid who's heart has been broken because the toy he sleeps with at night that represents his greatest hero has been made a corpse by that hero's greatest enemy. I'm grateful to the people who greenlit that way of telling the story.

Did you just seriously put an hour and a half toy commercial up there with RoboCop, Blade Runner and Terminator 2?

Blade Runner? Really? someone actually cried watching that? I'd be more likely to believe Short Circuit could do it before anything in Blade Runner..


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