Parks and Recreation Fails to Justify Its Return

Parks and Recreation Fails to Justify Its Return

Parks and Rec's seventh season doesn't start strong, but dedicated fans will be entertained.

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I kinda felt the same way when I read that they were coming back after Season six's obvious logical wrap-up. It was such a perfect place to end. Everything wrapped up nicely over the course of an entire season.

I'll give it a chance (at this time I've yet to catch the new episodes), and I'll probably enjoy it since I've been a fan since the beginning.

The Ur example of this kind of post wrap-up continuation has to be Scrubs. Which ended so perfectly with JD leaving Sacred Heart to be nearer his son, Cox's emotional growth, Kelso leaving, Elliot and JD moving forward. Only to have too much reset to status quo when they decided to bring that abomination of a 9th season into the world. Parks & Rec 7 cannot possibly be as bad as that monstrosity.

With all due respect, April in that red ball gown all by herself justifies Parks & Rec's return.

I love the 6 seasons we already have. It's some of the best television I ever watched. And from where I stand, the 7th season can only be sweet gravy to an already pretty sweet dinner. And if it pulls a Community and inexplicably becomes so cringeworthy that it is rendered unwatchable for me, I shall forever deny its very existence, like I do with the architect, Lesley's live interest in the first season. I hate that guy that never existed.

I guess I'm in the "Big fan so I'm happy regardless" group. I only started watching last year, but I watched all 6 seasons back to back and had a whale of a time with it. I enjoyed the first two episodes of this one, even if they were playing on a lot of recurring jokes from the series. There were a few laugh-out-loud moments, which is a lot more than I get from most TV comedies these days.

I'm just happy to have April and Ron back in my life :)

Btw, seems they don't really know what to do with Leslie and Bens kids. They've only been referenced like twice, yet to make an actual appearance.

After having actually watched the episodes, I'm pretty confident this one will be pretty good. I'm enjoying the silly "future" gags they're making and it's fun seeing Ron and Leslie at odds for a change. We didn't get a lot of that in the previous 6 seasons even though they were supposedly complete ideological opposites. Should be fun.


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