Game Theory: How Real Can Video Games Get

How Real Can Video Games Get

Gamers want to be completely immersed in a video game, right? But just how immersed can that experience get? What is the limiting factor right now holding video game players back from having a completely real experience? Surprisingly, the answer might be the device you play the game on...not the console, but the TELEVISION!

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My grandma has one of those huge 700 pound TVs..... it's now the stand for her flat screen HD TV.... cause fuck moving that monster.

That Steam Console controller still looks weird to me. Looking at it just makes it feel awkward to hold. But OT, that's a good question about "realism" in video games. I don't really want my games to feel like the real world, because that's what I'm trying to get away from when I play.

Terrible episode. Wasted most of it on a pointless history of TV, and then didn't even really add anything interesting at the end.

This episode gave me very little hope that we won't be seeing a demand for over 9K TVs....

Sweet, a little Kabuki Quantum Fighter music in the video.


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