Old Business: Three Stories Critical Intel Missed in 2014

Old Business: Three Stories Critical Intel Missed in 2014

A look back at some of the more interesting stories that this column missed last year for various reasons.

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I know the other issues were bigger and probably more important, but the only note I can really think of was that Dr. Wu actually wanted to use gene therapy to make the dinosaurs more docile and good for petting zoo attractions in the book, but Hammond shot him down.
And then Dr. Wu got his guts eaten by a velociraptor.

Interesting, but still not enough to convince me I should see the movie.

Robert Rath:
It's all so beautifully Jurassic Park. One of the things I always loved about InGen was how their evil deeds are so banal. They don't want to make a bio-weapon like Weyland-Yutani. They're not out to rule the world. They just want to get rich off wonder. If Jurassic World riffs off our culture's obsession with dolphin shows, or parks trying to lure guests with unique hybrids like Wolphins or Ligers, it'll land right on target.

That's pretty spot on to me. My brothers groaned when they saw the goofy park and trained raptors, but they seemed to miss the point. Jurassic Park has gone so far out of its way in all 3 to show that the raptors not only are intelligent and learn, but also have an emphasis on the pack's survival while at the same time able to repeatedly manipulate humans into dangerous positions. InGen has shown that since its inception, it fails to understand that it has continued to breed thousands of ancient murder beasts and pack lots of food between them. How could that NOT go wrong?

Blargh. I expected very little regarding the part about a game dev thinking he could provide insight to professional bureaucrats, and I wasn't disappointed.

Yes, let's suspend Posse Comitatus to put a soldier in every school. Just because you're a soldier, doesn't make you proficient with a sidearm, nor does it mean you don't have a shady past or a history of disturbing behavior. I've said it elsewhere and I'll say it here, modern military shooters suffer from too much attention to detail, and not enough applied logic. Dave Anthony's presentation proves me right.

Wow, looking at that fake InGen website, I might just send in a job application to see what their response is.
. . .
And I've been accepted as an intern. Neat.

I've gone back and forward a bit on Jurassic World but I think your summary of it was enough to tip me over into optimistic.

Now if it's rubbish I'm blaming my disappointment entirely on you Mr. Rath!


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