How Little Fears Returned the Worst of your Childhood Nightmares

How Little Fears Returned the Worst of your Childhood Nightmares

Remember when you were young and you were afraid of all those things that went bump in the night?

Ever wonder where they went?

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I have the 1st edition of Lf somewhere in my collection. As a big fan of the original WoD games I was intrigued by the concept. sadly the execution wasn't spectacular. There's a lot of rules and concepts ion that first edition that are never filled out or established.

I honestly didn't even know there had been a revised edition.

Really good interview, nice one! Had never heard of this title before, keen to check it out. Someone recently gifted me "Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures" which is more down what sounds like the 2nd ed route of Little Fears but Im more interested to play something a bit more scary-orientated.

I am really digging the sound of this. Will probably be picking at least the core book soon.

It won RPGNet's Most Disturbing or Controversial Game Award

Does this sound like a stupid concept to anyone else? It's not rewarding a game for being creative or enriching or valuable, but for being unpleasant and provoking gut reactions of "I do not want this." Little Fears is one of the better attempts to deal with this idea, but, especially when it's an award with Game in title given by people interested in games, it seems that we should strive for more than "this thing disgusts a large part of the audience, let's laud it."


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